i did it

"I Did It" Society is one of the leading event organizers and light artists in Latvia with a lot of experience not only in Latvia, but also internationally. During five years of operation, implemented more than 50 projects and large-scale public events, such as the Riga City Festival, Contemporary Culture Forum "White Night" production, Latvian 95th Independence anniversary concert, Latvia in EU 10 year anniversary celebration and lighting projects in Riga light festival "Staro Riga".

Interactive light project "Phonoscope" participated in "Nuit Blanche Bruxelles" in 2012, while the interactive installation "Emograph" was shown in 2013 Festival of Lights in "Lumina" Portugal, "Svetlobna Gverila" Slovenia, Tallinn Light Biennale in Tallinn, Estonia, and participated for three continuous weeks in 2016 Festival of lights "iLight Marina Bay" in Singapore.

"I Did It" team consists of professionals, representing a variety of industries - videoart, electronics, music, management, public relations and other sectors.