Emograph is an interactive large-scale project, which invites visitors to engage by offering innovative view on light games - it transforms heartbeats into light and colour mosaic.

Self invented device "Emograph" will measure a tale and emotions of every heart and display the result on a building wall. All you have to do is insert a finger into mysterious device so it can measure your pulse. Then heart impulses are transformed into bright mosaic of colours and sound.

After the finger is inserted into the device, the measured pulse forces a turn in motorized kaleidoscope which is equipped with a video camera bringing the image of the rotating kaleidoscope to a wall of a building. Measured pulse is converted into beat impulses which supplement the project with a soundtrack in the beat of the heart.

Creation of mind has limits, but it is not possible to control a heart. It will do whatever it wants. Uncontrollable and therefore unpredictable and pristine work of art - a heartbeat kaleidoscope.

An image of heartbeat on a wall creates a bond between individual person and urban environment.

Technical data sheet

Installation layout

Emograph device can be situated anywhere where the wall on which the projection happens is clearly visible. A place to install a digital projector – presumably a window of the building on the opposite side of the projection. For optimal visibility of projection on the wall, nearby street lights should be masked, if necessary.

Specific devices

Self-constructed Emograph device (pulse oxymeter, combined with processing unit and a motorized kaleidoscope with built-in camera)

Technical requirements:

To present the installation a 10 000-20 000 lum projector is required (depending on the size of chosen projection surface), possible installation of projector on scaffolding tower for better coverage, Small PA system is needed for audio playback and a FOH tent or trailer for Emograph core operation.



10 000 lum (depending on projection size)

Sound system

2 x PA

Power supply

2,5 kW

FOH Tent

3 x 3 m

Emograph Stand

A small table, could be placed on a platform for better visibility to bystanders

Equipment traveling with us:

Device with kaleidoscope and built in camera Heartbeat detection sensor and processing unit Sound processing unit VJ computer/video mixer Sound mixer

Set up time: 3 h,

Break down time: 1 h