Action paint

Everyone has an opportunity to become an artist and discover the joys of creating abstract art’s colors. Completely detach from your mind’s controls and submit your-self to spontaneity.

Working with a color of your own choosing and a ‘magical brush’ you have the chance to create a fantastic art performance transforming the building into an abstractionist’s “action painting” experimental platform.

Light’s colors will be the instrument which will demolish the boundary between controlled creation processes and spontaneity; submitting to imagination and unveiling instinctual emotion’s abstractness.

The project was created for 2016 light art festival "Staro Riga"°

Cheerful and colorful action of throwing paint splashes accompanied by a cheerful soundtrack and sound effects that resemble classic cartoons.

Project combines many different technologies to achieve its effect.

The simplest explanation - it works like magic, but the magic consists of Bluetooth motion sensors, custom programming and object tracking, paint dispensers equipped with servo motors and a camera that captures and transmits the signal live for projection on the building wall.

The paint splashes are real, they are created on a small canvas located in the device, which can be seen by visitors as well.

Actionpaint can have up to 4 simultaneous participants working with magic paintbrushes, each with a different color.

The artwork uses non-copyrighted music from public domain with classic cartoon style sound fx


  • A light colored building for projection mapping is preferred,
  • Projector of 15 000lumen or higher (depending on building size)
  • Platform for public (6 x 2m, height 80cm)
  • Separate platform for ACTIONPAINT device (2 x 1m, 60cm)
  • Sound system: active speakers for sound fx and background music
  • A tent (or a small trailer, or a space underneath the projection tower, at least 2x2m with direct visibility of the platform and projection wall) for control system placement
  • Electricity – power consumption depends on projector, 16A should be enough.
  • It is highly recommended to have a location that can provide communications to a water supply and drainage system (the waste liquid consists of water paints)

The artwork can be shipped in two boxes both with dimensions 60x60x80

(approximate cargo weight: 40kg)

The operating crew consists of 4 people