AFTERLOVE is a captivating poetry film that delves into the enigmatic realm of existence beyond death. Through the skilful combination of audiovisual elements and a specially crafted cycle of poetry, the artist presents a unique perspective on what unfolds in the afterlife.

Departing from the conventional notion of the afterlife as a separate realm, the work proposes that it might be the very space where true vitality resides. It poses the question of whether individuals, burdened by the traumas of life, fail to fully embrace the freedoms and opportunities presented to them, even in the afterlife.

Drawing inspiration from the concepts of the afterlife journey and purgatory, the artist diligently sought a suitable filming environment that would resonate with the thematic essence of the work. The video content focuses on movement within this chosen

environment, symbolizing a personal path. Filmed near the Turkish city of Mardin in the Middle East, the location holds deep historical significance. Situated in the territory of Upper Mesopotamia, between the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, it is considered a cradle of civilization for Western Asia and Europe. This deliberate choice allows the video work to capture the essence of mythology, culture, and the origins of religion, imbuing it with symbolic references that invite viewers to contemplate their own interpretations and guiding principles.

By merging audiovisual components with poetic expression, AFTERLOVE creates a thought-provoking exploration of the afterlife and the choices individuals make during their existence.

It prompts reflection on the human tendency to remain captive to past traumas, preventing the full utilization of the opportunities that life, and perhaps even the afterlife, offer. Through its

evocative imagery and profound themes, the work encourages viewers to contemplate the nature of their own journeys and the possibilities for growth and liberation that lie beyond the boundaries of life and death.